Spread the Love

Posted on 14 Feb 2015 12:00am by thehouseofpyne

It seems apropos that on this day of love, I let you all know what your love and support of The House of Pyne means to me.

One word… WOW!

If I may quote Sally Field, 'You like me. You really like me.'

I'm seriously humbled & touched by the turn out for the meet & greet at the Mayne Stage's Mezzanine Gallery. The work was well received. And The House of Pyne was left with a bad case of perma-grin (my cheeks have finally stopped hurting).

Thank you to Tanya Marquez & Joseph Deschene for the opportunity to show my work.

Many pictures were taken, here are just a few from the evening. You can see more photos on the Facebook page.

Thank you to all who were present in person & in spirit.

Happy Valentine's Day!




Paul MelDew