Artist Statement

The House of Pyne is an autonomous collective of one. Using what is discarded by society in combination with paint, resin, and paper, I respond to what I see happening in the world and down the street. The visual arts allow me to voice my outrage at the apathy in the world without browbeating the message home. I want to inspire my audiences to question their social and political environments... question everything.

I find that mixed media gives me the range that I need to discuss all things inappropriate for polite dinner conversation. Nothing is quite what it seems; by manipulating found images I am able to change the perspective of the original concept and turn it on it's end thus asking a new question of the viewer. My inspiration comes from an over-stimulated mind cluttered with facts, questions and life experiences.

By working under the name The House of Pyne, I hope to put the focus on the work and not the individual.